With mobile phones ever increasing in power, and Android tablets becoming very popular, it is no wonder a mini poker revolution is taking form. Here at poker-on-android.com we aim to provide you with the latest and best offers for real money poker on Android, and to find the best poker experience for your Android device.

Not all the major poker sites have apps dedicated to real money poker for your Android devices.

There are a number of real money poker apps for Android now available, and I hope to help you find the most suitable one for you. As each Android poker app is different in both the features and the competition you are playing against, for example the Poker Stars app has a better standard of players than say bwin poker does.

Below is a list of Android poker apps I have reviewed, as you can see it shows you the deals they currently have. I have put them in Alphabetical order rather than what I think is the best. If you look to the right I have made a few lists, each list is a top 5 for a separate category, and I have put what I think is best in that category, for example; for easy competition I think 888 is your best option.

888 Poker$8 – no deposit888poker review
Bwin.com100% bonus up to $500Bwin poker review
mFortune100% bonus up to $500mFortune review
Switch Poker100% bonus up to £400Switch Poker review
Red Kings100% bonus up to $1000Red Kings review
Ruby Fortune100% bonus up to $500Ruby Fortune review

Although the concept of poker on your mobile is not new, it has been around for a number of years, it is the real money play that has come to fruition in the last couple of years. More and more of the popular poker sites have jumped on this and have created dedicated apps for people to play against real people for real money.

Information about playing poker on Android devices

Before you dive right in using your Android device to play poker, it is important to check that your device can allow installation of non-market applications. In most instances it is a case of going to the ‘Settings’ on your phone/tablet and enabling non-market apps to be downloaded onto your device. You cannot download real money poker apps at the Google Play marketplace, as they prohibit any form of ‘gambling’ apps to be uploaded from their marketplace. If you click through the links on this site it will take you to where you need to be to download the apps on your phone, and too boot you well get great sign up bonuses.


You can play poker on your Android device on a dedicated app, or you can play using the browser. The best option is to play poker on dedicated apps rather than the browser, as it will be more user friendly and run a lot more smoothly. The dedicated apps are designed so that it is harder to make miss calculated button presses, making it harder for you to fold when in fact you wanted to bet. The browser versions have not been designed for smaller screens, this is where more problems can occur.

Real Money Poker On Android

When playing poker using a dedicated app it is worth just playing for fun for a couple of hands, so you can become accustomed to how it works, and the speed you need to play at. It is often forgotten how important it is to adapt to the speed of the game, the games on your app are quicker than they would be on a browser based game. With the game speed being quicker it will become important to know where, and how to use the buttons available on the app, so definitely play for fun for a couple of hands at least.

Internet Data Usage for Poker apps on Android

It is important to know how much the data costs are when using your poker app, as you could be losing money just by playing for fun. However, the amount of data usage during a game of poker on your android device is surprisingly low, on average you are looking at 300kb per hour. So, if on average you use the app for 1 hour a day every day for a month it would take up 9mb data, even if you are on a low tariff like 100mb per month that is less than 10% of your data allowance.