With 888.com being the largest online casino in the world, it has a lot of people crossing over from the roulette tables, slot machines, blackjack tables to the poker tables, resulting in a lot of action and loose play.

Of all the poker sites to be pushing the poker app for mobiles and tablets; 888poker have been doing it the hardest, offering great deals and a great app. What this has achieved is to have created one of the biggest communities in the mobile app world. This has resulted in it being reliable for having people to play at most times in the day.


888 Poker Android Review General Information

One of the largest online poker sites is 888 casino Canada and they have put some serious effort into their android poker app. 888 poker started off with desktop software, so besides a killer android poker app, 888 offers you excellent desktop software as well.
888 Poker for android is around since 2011 and has been improving constantly. This android poker app offers you not only Texas Hold’em ring games, but Sit-N-Go’s as well. Another important factor you should be aware of is that 888 Poker knows a huge client base. It doesn’t matter which stakes you like to play you can always find enough players. Even at the high stakes tables you can always find a couple of tables to play at.

Another great thing about 888 Poker is that it’s part of a very large gambling network. Besides poker 888 offers you 888 Casino, 888 Sports Betting, 888 Bingo and 888 Games. This makes 888 the perfect choice for every serious all round gambler.


Game Play and Usability

888 Poker has put a lot of effort into making sure that their android poker app is one of the best in the business. It’s very easy to use. All the buttons, sliders, betting amounts and everything else is made big, so it’s easy to use and see. Also, when you open the app the first thing you see is a handy “quick-selection” tool. You can use this to immediately find the table you want.

The graphics of this android poker app are great as well. The design is very slick and clean. It’s not distracting at all, so that you can focus on playing poker and you’re not distracted by a flashy design.
888 Poker for Android doesn’t offer you a multi-table function, so you can only play one table at the time, but 888 still has a lot to offer. It doesn’t matter what type of players you are you can always find the table you want. If you play at 888 you will experience that even on the high stakes you can always find enough players. This includes the Sit-N-Go’s as well. Even the Sit-N-Go’s with a $50+ buy-in have plenty of players all the time.

Game Selection

At present the only poker game available on the 888poker android app is for Texas Hold’em. The app offers real money tables, or you can get some practice at the play money tables.

Firstly, looking at the cash games; there are three cash games to choose from.

• The most popular being the ‘No Limit’ cash games, where you can sit at a table with 6 players or 9. Minimum stakes are 3₵/6₵, and maximum is $1/$2.
• Fixed Limit’ games offer 6 or 10 seated tables, with stakes ranging from 5₵/6₵ to $3/$6.
• Pot Limit’ has the smallest choice available with only a 9 seated table, and stakes of 25₵/50₵. This game selection has the fewest people at the tables.
The always popular ‘Sit and Go’ (SNG) tournaments are available on the 888poker android app.
• The 2 seated SNG tables ranges from a $1.10 buy-in, too a $21 buy-in.
• The bigger stakes are available at the 6 seated tables where you can buy-in for as little as $1 all the way up to $55.
• Finally, if you decide to sit at the 9 seated tables you can buy in from $1 to $8.80.

The payout goes to the top 3 players from the 6 and 9 seated tables. One glaring omission for me is the lack of ‘fast fold poker’, or at least a variation to this game. It is a perfect game for mobile/tablet play, as it increases the amount of hands you can play, especially if you can only sit at one table.

The layout and usability are very good on the 888poker app, it is all spaced out enough that you’re not going to be hitting bet, when you wanted to fold. All the buttons are very responsive, but not too sensitive that you can’t scroll to the exact amount you want to bet when it is your turn.

Getting around the app is very easy; however, I did find a problem when I left (accidentally) a SNG table there was no obvious way to get back to that table. I solved the problem though, whilst in the main menu, pressing the ‘Go to practice play’ button, once loaded press the same tab which should now say ‘Go to money play’, this then takes you back to your table. It is something that needs to be looked at.

Features in the 888poker app included; being able to change your avatar very easily whilst in the main menu. Once at the table you can assign a little image to each player, so if you see a player that is a ‘fish’ you can attach a picture of a fish to their name, this is useful because it will remind you, and give you a little insight about the player, the next time you see them at the table.

In game layout explained:

1. Leave table
2. Game type and stakes
3. Buy more poker chips for the table at cash games, in Sit and Go tables this symbol is an ‘i’ where it will give you tournament information.
4. For the talkative types at the poker table
5. Slide this to increase/decrease your bet, this amount will show up on #9
6. A quick way of betting the pot
7. A quick way of betting ¾ of the pot
8. You guessed it a quick way of betting ½ the pot
9. How much you wish to bet
10. Check or Call
11. Fold
12. This opens up some options, see below image
13. This tells you your best hand

Security and Customer Service

888 Poker has an extensive security system, which ensures that the not only the software and the website is safe, but also their android app is perfectly safe to use. Also the transaction you make and your account details are secured by 888 Poker.
888 Poker has a good customer support system, but you will probably not need it, because they provide an answers to almost all questions on their website.

Our Verdict

A great android poker app. We especially really enjoy the fact that you can play ring games and Sit-N-Go’s. 888 Poker for android is a great choice for every type of poker player.

888 Poker for android summary

• Poker types: Texas Hold’em (no-limit);
• Game types: Ring games and Sit-N-Go’s;
• Special: android casino / android bingo / and even more gambling games.