goodee board

Our Story

Goodee™ was created by a Holistic Health Coach and Creative Director who wanted to design a product that would help parents easily introduce healthier options at dinnertime without preaching. For most parents, it's difficult to get your little ones to eat a variety of foods without creating a battle. We believe there's an easy way to incent trial. By making the process more fun, you don't have to hide veggies in their food. You might not get them to try everything every time, but little by little, they will begin to crave foods with more phytonutrients. Introducing our new Goodee™ Reward Board and Goodee Rainbow Food Journal app. Now you can begin to explore nutrient dense foods and track your own intake of colorful foods.

Available at Whole Foods Chop Chop

For recipes using our favorite colorful foods visit ChopChop Magazine. ChopChop's mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook real food with their families. Aimed at reaching every child in America, ChopChop's longer-term vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity.