Bwin started out in 1999 under the name of Simon Bold (Gibraltar) Ltd. The company was taken over in 2001 by the Vienna-based, publicly listed company bwin Interactive Entertainment AG. 10 years later there was a merger with PartyGaming Plc, the company is now part of the bwin party group.

Like the Party Poker app, the Bwin app new, there is yet to be an app for the IOS, however it is expected soon.

A stumbling block with the bwin poker app for Android is the inability to deposit/withdraw money on the app; you have to go through the website to deposit/withdraw funds. This is a bit annoying as the point of a poker app is to be playing on the go, not whilst you’re sat next to a laptop or computer.

Game Selection

At the moment bwin are only offering Texas Hold’em cash tables on the android app.

The cash games on offer are.

  • No Limit’ cash games, where you can sit at a table with 2, 6, 9 and 10 seats. Minimum stakes are 1₵/1₵, and maximum is $25/$50
  • Fixed Limit’ games offer 2, 6, 9 and 10 seats, with stakes ranging from 2₵/4₵ to $250/$500.
  • Pot Limit’ games offer 2, 6, 9 and 10 seats 9 seated tables, and stakes range from 10₵/25₵ to $10/20.


Navigation and features

Along with Party Poker, Bwins app is easy to use with everything on the app being self-explanatory, even for the novice poker player. On the main menu you are given 3 options as you can see with the above screen shot.

In game layout explained:

1. This opens a menu, see also #13
2. This is an option for an alternative betting mode, see #12 for the other option
3. A quick way of going ‘all-in’
BWIN Android Poker Review 4. These options multiply the value of the raise, looking at the image above, if I pressed the ‘x2’ tab this would then change the raise tab (#5) from 0.08 to 0.16, you would then need to press the Raise tab (#5) to confirm.
5. This will raise the previous bet
6. Call or check depending where the button is
7. Fold
8. This is your timer, when this runs out it will make a noise or vibrate, you will then see one final timer, failure to do anything will result in a fold
9. Hand number, so if you have had a problem on a certain hand that you wish to report, make a note of this number and inform Bwin
10. How much cash you have on the table
11. An alternative mode for betting, you scroll this up and down to find the exact amount you want to bet
12. Gives you your best hand
13. When you click ‘Menu’ it will give you these options


100% Bonus – up to $500