The mFortune poker app is more socially driven with a number way to interact with one another such as through chat, sending gifts, or inviting someone to be your friend. mFortune offer what very few real money poker apps do, and that is to create a private table to play with friends. I never understand why this isn’t offered across all poker apps, as it increases the enjoyment of play, and can be enjoyed if all your friends are in the same place, like the park, or in faraway lands.

The design of the app is very different to the slick look of the big hitters; it has more of a cartoon/comic aesthetic to it.

The standard of the competition is one of the easiest, as I feel a lot of the competition is from the crossover of their other offerings in the gambling universe. Just a bit of patience waiting for the right hand, and you will more than likely get biters.

Game Selection

At the moment mFortune are only offering Texas Hold’em cash tables on the android app.

‘No Limit’ cash games are the only game on offer, where you can sit at a table with 2, 5 and 8 seats. Minimum stakes are £0.10/£0.20, and maximum is £2/£4.

So it’s not for your big time poker players, but you can pick up a good bank roll on the go with the £2/£4 hands.

Navigation and features

The opening menu is very easy to navigate, and can be used in portrait or landscape (once you click through to find a table you will need to be in landscape). In the opening menu you can do your withdrawing and depositing, which again is easy to use. Like other poker apps you can play for fun, or, of course, play for real money.

When you click through to play poker for real money it will have two sections, on the right; you can find a table, play with friends, or create your own private table. On the left hand side, you can set your avatar (you can upload your own pictures), see how much credit you have, change your nickname, and set default actions in case of a momentary lapse in your signal.

When selecting a table, you can scroll up/down to view who is on each table within that blind range, and by scrolling left/right you will change the stakes and other tables will then be on offer. This can be useful if you start to learn the regulars and find players you can win money off.

mFortune Poker Android Review

In game layout explained:

  1. This opens the table chat
  2. Your time limit when it is your go
  3. This is like your ranking; the more stars you have the longer you have been serving
  4. Your nickname
  5. Your hand, it still shows what you have even if you fold
  6. Click this to leave the table, and get back to the table selection menu
  7. Fold
  8. Raise, once clicked it will open a new box in the middle of your screen, where you can choose how much you want to raise
  9. Call, it also tells you how much you need to bet to call
  10. The chip shows that this person has bet, or have a blind, and the number shows the value
  11. This is how much money is the bank of the player
  12. The player’s avatar
  13. This gives you the dealers information, what has been bet, folded, and what community cards have been dealt
  14. This is the dealers button