General Information

Ongame is one of the largest poker networks. A large number of poker sites use the network, so you play against all players of these poker sites and Redkings is one of them. Now they have developed an android poker app that can be used by all Redkings players.
Being part of the Ongame Network has its advantages. Besides a good android poker app, you can always find enough players to play a game of poker with. It doesn’t matter what time or date you’re playing there are always enough players. Another advantage is that fact that Ongame wants to remain a respected poker network and therefore they work very hard on improving their products, including their android poker app.

Game Play and Usability

Redkings Application Review Redkings’ android poker app offers all the basic elements a good android poker app should have. It’s very easy and quick to use, so you can find a table to play on the go in no time. Redkings offers you some excellent usability as well. A lot of effort went into making sure that everything is easy to use. All the cards, betting amounts, player stacks are made big and very clear. The graphics are great as well. This android poker app offers you a no-nonsense design that focuses on poker and is not distracting at all.
You can play Texas Hold’em ring games at Redkings for android. You can play at tables ranging from $0,05/$0,10 up to $3/$6. Redkings allows you to play every poker type; limit, no-limit and even pot-limit. Because Redkings is part on the Ongames Network you can always find enough players to play a game of poker with. Even at the high stakes tables you can always find enough players.
You are also not limited to one table at the time. Redkings for android offers you a good multi-table function. It’s easy to use and on a high-resolution phone or tablet you can play up to 4 tables at the time without any compromise.
Another nice feature you should know about is the in-app deposit and withdrawal function. You don’t even need your desktop or laptop anymore. You can do everything from your android phone or tablet.

Security and Customer Service

Redkings uses THAWTE SSL Secure Sockets Layer certificates that encrypt sensitive data. This provides a high level of security. What will make sure that your info and your money is safe.
The customer support is excellent at Redkings. They have a very nice 24/7 chat function, which allows you to immediately ask your question to a customer support employee. You will get the answer to your question in no time.

Our Verdict

Redkings Poker offers you a great android poker app that can be enjoyed by all ring game players. All buy-ins have plenty of players and the game play is excellent as well. A good choice for every Texas Hold’em ring game player.

Redkings Poker for android summary

Poker types: Texas Hold’em (no-limit / limit / pot-limit)
Game types: Ring games