General Information


Ruby Fortune for android is one of the best android poker rooms you can find online. Ruby Fortune is an all-mobile gambling site. All their games, including their android poker, are only available on mobile. You can even deposit money on your account using your mobile phone bill.
Ruby Fortune for android is relatively new, but they have already won several awards. Because Ruby Fortune hasn’t been around for a very long time, the number is players at the poker tables can be lower than bigger android poker rooms, but you can always find enough players. They offer stakes ranging from £0,10/£0,20 up to £2/£4. The lower stake tables always have plenty of players. The £2/£4 tables know a lower number of players, but you can always find at least 2 or 3 tables to play at.
On top of offering top of the line android poker Ruby Fortune for android also offers a fully equipped android casino. You can use the same account for everything, so with your poker account you can also download games such as Black Jack or Roulette.
Ruby Fortune offers you no-limit Texas Hold’em. At this moment they don’t offer other game or poker types, but Ruby Fortune is always improving their android poker app, so you can expect that to change in the near future.

Game Play and Usability

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Ruby Fortune has made sure that their android poker app is very easy to use on almost all android devices, big or small. They have created large betting amounts and cards, so it’s very easy to play. Also the stacks of the other players are made big as well, so you can always see in a blink of an eye how much it would take to push someone all-in. Ruby Fortune also put a lot of effort into their android poker app’s graphics. The design is very clean and easy to use.
This android poker app doesn’t have a multi-table function, but Ruby Fortune makes up for this by offering you one of the fasted poker games found on android. They have set the maximum buy-in for their ring game tables relatively low. On the £2/£4 tables the maximum buy-in is £80. This has a very positive effect on the game play. Players have to push all-in sooner, so you can be assured that if you play poker at Ruby Fortune you’re in for lot of action.

Our Verdict


A very good android poker app, that has a lot to offer. If you like fast action poker Ruby Fortune is the android poker app for you!

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Poker types: Texas Hold’em (no-limit)
Game types: Ring games (£0,10/£0,20 up to £2/£4)
Special: android casino / android bingo / deposit with your phone bill