General Information

Game Play and Usability

Switch Poker is an all-mobile poker room. They have set their focus on mobile poker from the start and this shows when you’re using their android poker app. This is also one to the reason we can say that we really enjoy this app. By the way, although Switch Poker is an all-mobile poker room they do offer their software on desktop. Just visit the Switch Poker website and you can use their no-download flash version.

Switch Poker is a relatively young poker room and the number of players is not as high as the bigger ones, such as 888 Poker or Redkings, but you can always find enough table that have the stakes you like. Switch Poker for android offers micro stakes, such as €0,01/€0,02 and €0,02/€0,04 blinds. At these stakes there are always plenty of players. They also offer medium and high stakes tables. The medium stakes also have plenty of players during the whole day. Their tables go all the way up to €5/€10. The €5/€10 tables know a very limited number of players. If you are a high-stakes player, we suggest you take a look at 888 Poker for android.

You should also know that you can use Bitcoins to play poker at Switch. Switch Poker is one of the few poker rooms that offers this possibility.

For now, Switch Poker for android offers only Texas Hold’em ring games, but Switch Poker is always improving its software, so we expect that they will expand their range of poker types in the near future

Again, Switch Poker’s focus on mobile poker has paid off. Switch Poker for android offers you great game play and usability. All the cards, betting amounts, player names and stacks are made big, so it easy to see everything, even on smaller android devices. The graphics are good as well, so you can play android poker without any compromise. Only the betting slide can be a bit tricky sometimes. At first it can be hard to get the amount right.

Switch Poker for android also offers a great multi-table function. You can play up to 4 tables at the same time on one screen. This is especially great on tablets or large phones, such as the Galaxy sIII. On smaller devices it’s hard to play multiple tables. Especially on low resolutions phones we advise against it, but one table is always excellent.

Security and Customer Service

Switch Poker has a very tight security program. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption to secure their software and website. This is the same protection software used by PayPal, the Bank of America and The Google Play Store. So your money and personal info is safe with Switch Poker.

They also offer a very fast customer service. They do not provide a live chat function, but if you send them an e-mail the chance is very high that you will receive an answer the same day.

Our Verdict

Switch Poker has made and excellent android poker app. It scores very high on game play and usability. We do would like to see some more game and poker types, such as Sit-N-Go’s or Omaha, but if you’re a Hold’em ring game player Switch Poker’s android poker app is an excellent choice.

Switch Poker App Review
Switch Poker App Review

Switch Poker for android summary

  • Poker types: Texas Hold’em (no-limit)
  • Game types: Ring games (€0,01/€0,02 up to €5/€10)
  • Special: Bitcoin poker